Sustainable Real Estate with Social Responsibility (SSR)

Real estate investment, sustainability, and philanthropy

Sustainable Real Estate with Social Responsibility (SSR) is a real estate investment company with three primary focuses:  sustainability, real estate investing, and philanthropy.

All too often, these three areas are siloed and considered mutually exclusive. Real estate investment is viewed solely to make money, while charity is usually only focused on helping, and sustainability is relegated to simply co-existing with the planet. We believe that all three of these initiatives can be intertwined for the greater good. No charity or not-for-profit can sustain its mission without stewarding its finances well. Something similar can be said of for-profit businesses too, because without any profit, no mission or vision is sustainable.

Through SSR, we believe real estate investing can be leveraged to make money that helps all parties involved, gives back to the communities in which we operate, and supports those who need a helping hand in life.

We are currently seeking medical donors and investors/partners. If you are interested in helping, fill out a contact form. Learn more details about SSR’s investment approach.



  • Focus on rehabilitating blight real estate (“brown field” investments) versus encroaching on undeveloped properties (“green field” investments)
  • Energy conscious infrastructure and upgrade decisions
  • Maximization of green space

Real Estate Investing

  • Disciplined acquisition criteria w/rigorous financial modelling
  • Capitalize on the current softening economy
  • Focus on long-term rejuvenation of existing properties through aesthetic beautification, not flipping
  • Prioritize tenants and those relationships


  • Provide life-altering support to women and children with aesthetic hindrances through The Ripple Fund non-profit