HD Enterprises Invests in People and Communities

Creating sustainable models of real estate that improve everyone’s livelihood

At HD Enterprises, we believe in sharing the resources our business has created, and that life isn’t simply about making money for the sake of making money. While real estate typically gets a bad reputation, often due to the “greedy” developers or investors, there are people and companies like ours who seek to create sustainable real estate models that benefit all parties involved.

We seek to create sustainable real estate through rigorous investment criteria, coupled with giving back to the communities in which we operate. Explore how we are changing lives through SSR Partners, LLC (Sustainable Real Estate with Social Responsibility) and The Ripple Fund.


SSR Partners, LLC

Sustainable Real Estate with Social Responsibility (SSR) is a real estate investment company with three primary focuses:  sustainability, real estate investing, and philanthropy.

Ripple Fund

The Ripple Fund

The Ripple Fund is a charitable fund designed to improve the lives of women and children, specifically in cases where a physical / aesthetic hindrance may hold them back from thriving in their lives.