HD Enterprises:  A Sustainable + Profitable Real Estate Model

Proven track record of making money and doing a greater good

HD Enterprises is a bi-coastal real estate investment company with assets in Maryland and Oregon, focused on the acquisition, upgrade, and management of multi-unit residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Started in 2015 by Jeff and Nicole Hassannia, HD Enterprises has more than 50 years of real estate experience between the founders. HD Enterprises is not your “typical” real estate company…  the core of the business isn’t just about making money, but rather making money to sustain our mission of supporting a better life for all our tenants, treating everyone with respect and dignity.

The success of HD Enterprises has spurred a passion to even do more through The Ripple Fund and SSR Partners, LLC – a charitable fund and a new real estate fund, respectively.

Learn more about HD Enterprises’ vision and what we mean by sustainable + profitable real estate.

Nicole & Jeff

SSR Partners, LLC

Sustainable Real Estate with Social Responsibility (SSR) is a real estate investment company with three primary focuses:  sustainability, real estate investing, and philanthropy.

Ripple Fund

The Ripple Fund

The Ripple Fund is a charitable fund designed to improve the lives of women and children, specifically in cases where a physical / aesthetic hindrance may hold them back from thriving in their lives.